Dieserud/Lindgren is a Norwegian company that have created and produced two performances for children 0 -3 years:

Korall Koral -A Baby Opera (2009) and Up in the Mountains (2011).

Dieserud/Lindgren are currently working on their third performance for children 0 – 3 years called Dragon Zoo. Premiere March 2017 Det Norske Teater in Oslo.

Dieserud/Lindgren create and produce shows were children and adults have the same conditions for an experience; nothing needs to be explained to be understood. The shows are not composed with a linear plot to follow. Rather, series of events are presented with excitement or triggers of excitement, humor or tranquility.

Their two performances have, by December 2015, been shown 690 times for an audience with a total of 30.000 children and adults in ten European countries.

Cooperators in production towards the premiere were The Norwegian Opera And Ballet, Teater Innlandet and The Norwegian Touring Theatre. The performances are shown in settings such as opera houses, festivals for contemporary music or festivals for classical music, theatre festivals and in cultural complexes like Southbank Centre, London.

Dieserud/Lindgren strongly hold the belief that children can perceive as complex constructions and compositions as adults. They want to stimulate a curious, solemn experience with a strong and distinct stage presence. The shows aim to appeal to all senses and the fascination for the unknown.

The show is made just as much for adults. Both performances last 20 minutes and take place in tents designed for each performance. The tents can hold 45 people and are placed in foyers of the theatre/ opera/ concert hall. The spaces allow adults to experience the performance from the perspective of their child.

Dieserud/Lindgren cooperate with the composer Maja Ratkje. Their platform for collaboration is the intertwining of the visual-, auditive- and performative aspects. Sound, movement and materiality are three dimensions of the same matter.