About Dieserud/Lindgren

Dieserud/Lindgren have made several performances for children 0-3 years. They produce shows were children and adults have the same conditions for the experience; nothing needs to be explained or understood. We belive that children can perceive as complex constructions and composistions as adults, as long as it is done distinctly. Dieserud/Lindgren cooperate with the composer Maja Ratkje and they emphasise the importance of integrating visual, auditive and performative aspects of the performance.


We experience that even the youngest children wish to be a part of a community and that they are curious and abiding in social settings. They have their antennas out and observe before they engage themselves. In our shows the children sit in a circle around the play and in this way they experience being a part of a group. After the show the children get to play, explore and play on the instruments themselves.


The tent as setting, the scenography as a foreign place.   A tent provides a feeling of being in a temporary room. This shuts out the outside world and creates an intimacy which gives both children and adults a focus.

In Korall Koral – A Baby Opera, we are under the sea level deep in the Arctic ocean a place no one has ever been. There are creatures here we don’t know much about. All objects are inspired by actual animals and plants and they all have their own sound and physical characteristics. In the shows there is no linear plot or story to follow. It is rather a series of events with excitement or triggers of excitement, humour or tranquillity. The experience of time on a stage is something different than the everyday time experience, this is something we are conscious of. We keep a steady focus on one action at a time.

In the performance Up In The Mountains, there is one performer sitting telling a story in a language no one understands. With words, song, physical gestures and a projection of some cows, the storyteller recreates the story of a worldwide well-known fairy tale.


Dieserud/Lindgren wish to stimulate an unusual experience which is solemn and with a strong stage presence. We appeal to the all the senses and the fascination for the unknown, as we pull the audience in to something they have never experienced before.


The small children. Where do children come from? The mystery around small children is something that always interest us. Children seem so strange and at the same time present in the now. In our shows there is no direct dialogue between the audience and the children. The children are allowed to just be without having to produce a response. After the performance the children can play in the tent and explore the sound objects.


The shows are made just as much for adults. The adults can see the world through the children’s eyes when they come down to their perspective. The adults also get to sit inside the tent to follow the acts and get to try the instruments afterwards.