Babyopera present the Dieserud/Lindgren production

Dragon Zoo 

The performance is a zoological garden for dragons. The audience move free around the area where the three performers in the appearance as dragons, are to be discovred. The area is an island with plants, smoke and sounds. Dragon Zoo is not composed with a linear plot to follow. Rather, series of events are presented with excitement or triggers of excitement, humor or tranquillity. 

The ensemble has explored dragons as biological specie and cultural myth. How does the dragons move? What sounds does it make? What do they find interesting and what do they find funny?

This time they cooperate with composer Julian Skar and autor Maria Tryti Vennerød. Their platform for collaboration is the intertwining of the visual-, auditive- and performative aspects.

Opening show April 6th Det Norske Teatret.

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Photo Christina Lindgren








Photo Siren Hoyland Saether. 




Idea, concept, direction: Christina Lindgren

Music: Julian Skar

Scenography: Tormod Lindgren

Costume design: Christina Lindgren

Text: Maria Tryti Vennerød

Choreography: Hanne Dieserud

Performers: Katja Henriksen Schia, Daniel Rodrigo Nilsen, Sondre Pettersen


Production management for Dieserud/Lindgren: Marianne Roland


Dragon-zoo is a co-production between Det Norske Teater and Dieserud/Lindgren. 

Supported by The Norwegian Arts Council and The Audio and Visual Fund. 


Production team at Det Norske Teater: 

Performance coordinator Hedda Rønneberg/Emilia Daczkowska Wist 

Prop maker Åse-Berit Litleskare

Wig and mask Malin Moe Jones

Special effects Erlend Olaisen

Light design Ole Randers 

Stage manager Morten Bjørn-Hansen 

Costume making coordinator Maria W. Omvik 

Balansebrett-oceandrum is designed by Bert van Bommel/ after an idea by Christina Lindgren


Artistic research on the format performance for children 0–3 years

Dieserud/Lindgren have produced two performances for children 0– 3 years, Korall Koral – A Baby Opera (2009) and Up in the Mountains (2011). After having created these performances,  the question was; Are there limits and criterion for what a performances for 0–3 years can be, or are we guided by preconceived conventions? In their performance, Dragon-zoo, the team generated a large amount of “dragon-material” and then divided it into two performances; one for children 0–3 years and one for adults. Both performances had opening show at the same day. Performances on April 6th, May 2nd and May 5th 2017. 



The three dragons outside their habitat, exploring the foyer of Det Norske Teater. Photo Christina Lindgren