Babyopera is led by Christina Lindgren with at unique team composed for each performance. 


Christina Lindgren. Christina graduated from the Art Academy in Oslo and the Universität der Künste in Berlin. She has designed the costume and set design to more than 50 performances of theater, dance and contemporary musiktheatre/ opera.

Lindgren is interested in sound generating  scenography and has also made several set designs where the performers make music by moving in the scenography. Primarily acoustic, but also electronically through the use of contact microphones.

Her interest for opera, Musiktheater and all kind of hybrid form of staged performances with contemporary music led to  performances with music by Mauricio Kagel, Paul Hindemith, Darius Milhaud, Aribert Reimann and Per Nørgård and to  collaboration with contemporary composers and musicians as Julian Skar, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, Erik Dæhlin, Lene Grenager (NO), Stefan Thorsson (SE), Atli Ingolfson (IS) and Toni Blomdahl (SE) NING, Silje Aker Johnsen (NO) and Hubert Wild (DE).

Primarly she has worked with experimental theater such as The Theatre of Cruelty with director Lars Øyno and for art performance with artists Liv Kristin Holmberg/ Julian Blaue and Ludvig Uhlbors/ Hanna Sjøstrand. 

Christina Lindgren collaborates with Liv Kristin Holmberg on the multimedial art project Nattens Lys.

She is teaching as a Professor in Costume Design at Oslo National Academy of the Arts where she undertakes artistic research on the overlapping field of costume and dance and on the theme how costume have an agency in performance and can generate a performance. 


Mari Baade. Mari  is the production manager for Babyopera. More information will follow. 

Board members of Babyopera are Marianne Roland and Maja Berthelsen Lindgren


Performers and creative team in productions by Dieserud/Lindgren

that are being presented by Babyopera:

Hanna Gjermundrød. Hanna Gjermundrød is a performer of Korall Koral – A Baby Opera. She is an improvising singer and  performer working with voice and live sampling. Gjermundrød graduated at NTNU´s Jazz Performance studies in Trondheim (2003-07) and School of New Dance (2007-08) in Oslo. Her interest in instant composition appears both in concerts and in various forms of physical performances. Her music can be drawn to both pop, improv and contemporary music. Gjermundrød has toured in USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Western Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, mostly in duo with Petter Vågan (lap steel, electronics).

Nowadays, Hanna is participating in the performances such as ‘For What it’s worth’, ‘Fjeldfuglen’and ‘Leikande lett med Shhht…!’. Hanna is also a part of the electronic improv duo PETTER O HANNA which has released two albums and the team in the babyopera KORALL KORAL.   and


Elisabeth Holmertz. Elisabeth is a performer of Korall Koral – A Baby Opera. She is a classically trained soprano who began singing so-called “early music” in the beginning of the 90’s and contemporary music in the end of the same decade and has, since then, distinguished herself as one of Scandinavia’s boldest interpreters in both fields.

She mixes genres, styles and expressions; one day lute songs, the other day pop music and the third day avantgarde performance and experimental opera.
E cooperates with and has performed music by some of the most successful composers of today: Rolf Wallin, Tansy Davies, Maja SK Ratkjte, GF Haas and others.
Among the numerous ensembles and orchestras she’s been a soloist with we can mention Concerto Copenhagen (DK), Cikada (NO), Kringkastningsorkestret (NO), Underholdningsorkestret (DK) and Norsk kammerorkester (NO).
Two CDs have been released on LAWO classics, in part under her own name and together with lutenist Fredrik Bock.

Her goal was never to be the best, but to work with the best. Interplay, making music together is everything, but most important is the Music.


Silje Aker Johnsen. Silje is a performer of Korall Koral – A Baby Opera. She is educated as a classical soprano from The Grieg Academy, Universität der Künste, Berlin and the Norwegian Academy of Music. She has world premiered numerous music pieces by Norwegian composers. She is also active as a dancer and has worked in Polski Teatr Tanca, Poland, where she danced in Minus 2 by Ohad Naharin. She has interpreted several opera parts with the Berliner Kammeroper and worked with Nationaltheateret in Norway.

Silje is a fellow researcher at Oslo National Academy of the Art. Her project is: A search for an extended physical interpretation of contemporary vocal music and opera.


Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje. Maja is the composer of Korall Koral – A Baby Opera and Up in the Mountains. She finished composition studies at the Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo in 2000. Her music is performed worldwide by performers such as Klangforum Wien, Oslo Sinfonietta, The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Fretwork, TM+, Cikada and Vertavo string quartets, Quatuor Renoir, POING and many more.

Portrait concerts with her music has been heard in Toronto and Vienna, she has been composer in residence at festivals like Other Minds, San Francisco, Nordland Music Festival, and the Avanti! Summer Festival (2011.)

Ratkje has received awards such as the International Rostrum of Composers in Paris for composers below 30 years of age, the Norwegian Edvard prize (work of the year) twice, second prize at the Russolo Foundation, Distinction Award at Prix Ars Electronica, and in 2001 she was the first composer ever to receive the Norwegian Arne Nordheim prize.

She is a singer/voice user and electronics player, studio engineer, soloist and with groups such as SPUNK or Agrare. Other collaborations are with Jaap Blonk, Joëlle Léandre, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Stephen O’Malley, Lasse Marhaug, POING and others.

Ratkje has performed her own music for films, dance, theatre, installations, and numerous other projects. She played a part in her own opera, based on the texts from the Nag Hammadi Library. In 2005 she performed the voice solo part of her first big work for orchestra, commissioned by Radio France. She has also been soloist with Klangforum Wien and Oslo Sinfonietta.

Her scores are found at the Norwegian Music Information Centre and her records are released on Tzadik, Rune Grammofon, ECM, Kontrans, Asphodel, Important Records and others. Her homepage may be visited at


Hanne Dieserud. Hanne is the performer of Korall Korall – A Baby Opera and Up in the Mountains in addition to be credited for idea/ concept/ direction. She finished her postgraduate course at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts ( LAMDA) in 1990. She started her career as a traditional actress but has since 1995 been a member of the physically,  Artaudian inspired theatre company Grusomhetens teater.  This company uses tecniques from the work of Grotowski where  improvisations and research on the floor is given a strong focus.  The company has toured in Poland, Germany. England, France, India, Japan, Russia, USA, Turkey and Ireland.

In addition to this she has during the last years been working in different theatres and fringe companies, done readings and concerts with music composed to the texts of the Swedish poet Karin Boye. Her showreel is on youtube


Camilla Vislie. Camilla is a performer of Korall Koral – A Baby Opera. She is a performing artist trained within the physical theatre tradition. She has appeared in several plays by Grusomhetens Teater, as well as conceptdeveloping, directing and performing in her own productions such as  the performance theatre companies brigitte & paula band (with Maria Ramvi and Stine Janvin Motland) and Camilla & Jimmie (with Jimmie Jonasson). She also holds a master´s degree in Gender studies.


Stine Janvin Motland. Stine  is a performer of Korall Koral – A Baby Opera. She is a performer and composer based in Stavanger, Oslo and Berlin. With an instrumental and physical approach, she explores the limits of the natural acoustics of the voice, and what a singer can, and cannot be. Her work involves elements of conceptual and spontaneous composition, structured improvisation, performance, and sound poetry. Ongoing projects are the solo piece In Labour for voice and environments, Native Instrument with Felicity Mangan, and brigitte & paula band with Maria Ramvi and Camilla Vislie. Alongside her own work, Stine is a performer of contemporary music, and works with composition, movement and voice in a number of interdisciplinary projects, such as the solo performance Prelude (Janvin Motland/Sickle/Leguay). Stine is currently performing in the baby opera Korall Koral (Dieserud/Lindgren & Maja Ratkje) and in the live band of Meshes of Voice (Susanna and Jenny Hval). In 2014 Stine released two solo albums; Ok, wow (+3db) and In Labour (Pica Disk).