Babyopera is a company that creates performances for children 0-3 years. It is led  by  initiator, director and scenographer Christina Lindgren with a team composed for each project.

Babyopera is currently developing two new performances parallel within the frame of one production, with the same artistic team, premiere June 4th 2020 in co-production with The Norwegian Opera & Ballett: 

Orfeo´s Comfort – A Baby Opera

Amor´s Ease – A Baby Opera

Babyopera coproduced MAGO with a Sami and Korean team. The performance MAGO was a result of Nordic-Korean-Connection and is a collaboration between Babyopera and the Korean performing arts company Babyart represented by Stacey Kim (Heesun Kim). MAGO had its premiere July 27th in Oil Tank Cultural Park, Seoul and performances in Norway December 2018. 



About Babyopera

Babyopera aims to create performances where toddlers and their adult companion becomes an aestetic and spiritual experience through art.

In a time where digitalization leaves information accessible and entertainment easily found, we believe in the power of a aestetic multi-sensuous experience of here and now.

In a time where children and the adult share less time together and the tempo is high, we believe in the power of sharing a moment of physical and mental co-presence through a peaceful, tranquil shared moment.

In a time with increasing focus of importance of early age learning in mathematics, social skills and technical knowledge, we believe in the importance of also stimulating the children´s emotional, spiritual and aesthetic capacities.

Through culture children and adult experience being connected to people, groups and community and to share experience of being human in this world for a moment. We appeal to the all the senses and the fascination for the unknown.

Children and adult get an experience at same level, where language is no key to understanding. Our shows are series of events presented with excitement, humor and tranquility.



Christina Lindgren was a part of the company Dieserud/ Lindgren, consisting of Hanne Dieserud and Christina Lindgren from 2008 til 2018.

Babyopera present the following performances by Dieserud/ Lindgren: 
Korall Koral – A Baby Opera that premiered in collaboration with The Norwegian Opera & Ballet (DNO&B) and the Norwegian Touring Theatre in 2009 until August 2020.

Dragon-zoo that premiered in collaboration with The Norwegian Theatre in 2017.

Dieserud/Lindgren´s three productions have toured 14 European countries and the United States of America and with more that 850 shows for 38.000 audience since 2009.